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Replacement Filters (3 Pack)

Replacement Filters (3 Pack)

Replacement Filters (3 Pack)

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*Only to be used with the idMASK 2.0*

Please check the CORRECT size filter for your mask (Large, Medium, Kids)

We are currently using a freight forwarder, and they usually take 2-3 days to give us a tracking number. Please check back on your order after a few days and it should be available then. 


As a full-time triathlete, I needed a mask to protect myself from air pollution on the roads. I really like how idMASK is breathable and I could see the filters turn gray from the pollutants. It’s nice to know that it’s not going into my lungs. I also like the silicone seal that keeps it airtight.

Katrine Amtkjaer

Easily the best fit, simple to use and the most comfortable mask we’ve tried in traveling to polluted areas and now for COVID-19. It seals really well and reliably with no effort. Most important, it’s easy to breath, there’s minimal fogging on our glasses and the filters ensure we can rely on our idMASKS for proper protection. To quote a famous line, 'we don’t leave home without them!'

Allan Davidson

We’ve worn idMASKs for years living in Shanghai. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves once again relying on idMASK for protection - this time against viral transmission. Most recently, my daughter and I wore them on our 30-hour journey from the US to HK with zero issues and all the comfort we’ve come to expect from these masks. #battletested

Charles Liao