Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size idMASK to choose?

The easiest way to measure your face for the right sized idMASK is to do the following:

1. Get any credit, bank or door access card. Holding it vertically, align the top edge of the card with the middle of your eye level. 

2. Note which part of your face the lower edge of your card now aligns with. 

  • If it aligns with your lower lip or above, you need a Large
  • If it aligns with your mid chin to your lower lip, you need a Medium.
  • If it aligns with the bottom of your chin or lower, then you need a Kid size. 

If in doubt, we recommend that you choose the larger size. 

Adult Large Example

Adult Medium Example

Kid Size Example

How long do the Cartridges last, and how often do we have to replace it?

Our cartridges last around 7 days depending on usage. Cartridges can be replaced, but not washed.

How long does the Facial Covering itself last?

idMASKs are built to last. We still have users wearing their original idMASK from 2014. 

Will the plastic break if there’s an accident?

The plastics are shatter-resistant, so they will bend but not crack or shatter from impact. We had a user send us pictures after an accident on a bike. The facial covering actually saved his face from pavement burns.


Can I wear glasses with it? Will my glasses fog up?

Most glasses frames should fit! There are cases with some face shapes and some glasses frames that are the exception, however. Because the facial covering's seal is airtight, your glasses should not fog up while breathing.


Are there any facial shapes that make it hard for the silicone piece to create an airtight seal?

We’ve had thousands of users since 2014, and no complaints regarding the seal with the exception of people with beards. Thick beards make it difficult for the silicone to create a seal on your skin.


Is the strap length adjustable?

The straps are both adjustable and elastic. They can be worn 2 different ways for comfort (both straps under the ears) or maximum support (one strap above and one below the ears). Please refer to the instructional video above for strap examples.


Where is my tracking number? Is my order coming?

Due to demand, our shipping currently takes between 6-9 calendar days to deliver to addresses in the United States. Your tracking number should be available within 2-3 days so please check back after a few days for the number.