A Letter from the Founder

In 2013, my grandmother suffered from a major health complication. I tried to buy her the best facial coverings available, but my heart sank when I tried them on. None of them sealed on my face. How useful is a facial covering with large leaky gaps? 

My anger drove me to do something about it. I enlisted the help of some talented industrial designers in San Francisco to help me design a facial covering that was both airtight and comfortable. When our prototypes were successful, I moved from California to Shanghai to get them manufactured. In 2014, we launched the first airtight facial covering. It was the greatest challenge of my life, but it worked! We were even honored with the 2019 China Social Impact Award, presented by the British Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations, for donating as many products as we sold.  

Today, we launch the idMASK 2.0 Facial Covering designed with feedback from the thousands of users of our original product. Our soft silicone seal creates an airlock around your skin, eliminating unwanted leakage. Athletes have loved our facial coverings because they remain comfortable even during tough workouts.

We’re proud of our work, and honored to bring you the idMASK 2.0 during these challenging times. 

With gratitude,

Henry B. Sung
In 2019, idMASK received The China Social Impact Award presented by the British Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the United Nations.