"I am very happy to use my idMASK, especially when traveling. It’s lightweight and the silicone seal makes it comfortable to wear, even for longer periods of time."
– Jesse Koolen


"Easily the best fit, simple to use and the most comfortable facial covering we’ve tried in traveling around the world. Most importantly, it’s not restricting and doesn't fog up our glasses. To quote a famous line, 'we don’t leave home without them!'"


– Allan Davidson, Journalist



"We’ve worn idMASKs for years living in Shanghai. Recently, we found ourselves once again relying on them. My daughter and I wore them on our 30-hour journey from the US to HK with zero issues and all the comfort we’ve come to expect from idMASKs'. #battletested""


– Charles Liao, Entrepreneur



"I got the idMASK about three months ago for myself and the entire family (kids included). It's comfortable, even after wearing for a long time."


– Mark Dolan



"This is the best facial covering I’ve ever used, especially for longer periods of time simply because of the breathability. Condensation is unavoidable and I hate the feeling of a damp facial covering touching and rubbing against my face so it’s good that this design creates a distance, like it cups over my face."


– Jeanette Haw



In 2019, idMASK received The China Social Impact Award presented by the British Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the United Nations.