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idMASK 2.0 Adult Skins

idMASK 2.0 Adult Skins

idMASK 2.0 Adult Skins

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idMASK Skins

Add your own personality to idMASK with our custom fit Skins! Soft and stretchy, Skin Prints click into the top of your existing idMASK, with a Velcro strip on the back replacing idMASK's head straps. Choose from 6 colorful designs!

*This is not a facial covering, this is a skin that goes on top on the idMASK


I use my idMASK for training, and found it was the only facial covering that allowed me to train unaffected even during hard traithalon workouts.

Katrine Amtkjaer, Ironman World Champion

Easily the best fit, simple to use and the most comfortable facial covering we’ve tried in traveling around the world. Most importantly, it’s not restricting and doesn't fog up our glasses. To quote a famous line, 'we don’t leave home without them!

Allan Davidson, Journalist

We’ve worn idMASK facial coverings for years living in Shanghai. Recently, we found ourselves once again relying on them. My daughter and I wore them on our 30-hour journey from the US to HK with zero issues and all the comfort we’ve come to expect from idMASKs'. #battletested

Charles Liao, Entrepreneur